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When I was looking to buy an electric bike a few years ago, quite frankly, there wasn’t much information out there to help.  Thankfully my brother-in-law had bought a conversion kit for one of his bikes and so readily provided advice that he’d pulled together from various sources.  Since then I’ve often looked for further information on ebikes, looking for electric bike reviews, accessories, data on motors and batteries etc and well…come up short.  Well actually there’s a couple of really good US and Canada based sites which provide great information, but there’s no one really in the UK providing information and advice for UK owners and buyers of electric bikes.

So, I thought I start to compile some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years and also because of my keen interest in all things ebiking I thought this blog would encourage me to write a bit more and interact would other ebikers.

Why ebikes?
The reason I love ebikes is because I’m not a young boy anymore!  I like to think of myself as fit but when I get up in the morning, although my mind says “Yay let’s go for a ride” my body complains a bit.  I’m also one of those people who’s grown up near the sea, and any sign of a hill and I’m happy but my legs struggle!  I love mountain biking but I don’t have the skills, strength and energy to keep up with some of my friends who are enthusiasts.  When it comes to road biking that’s more my forte but on occasions where hilly terrain will probably hamper my progress, or if my wife (who’s not a cyclist) wants to go for a more leisurely ride which will challenge her but probably bore me…that’s when the electric bike comes in!

On all of those occasions where your ability, energy level, or strength would usually leave you behind, an electric bike turns you into a super human!  You can still enjoy the exhilaration of cycling in the fresh air outdoors, you are still getting exercise, and you’re enjoying it too!

Another reason for owning an ebike is if you want to go ‘green’ but still want some independence.  Public transport doesn’t always cut it, and cycling unassisted usually means you get to your destination sweaty and hot.  But an electric bike strikes a good compromise because you have the flexibility of leaving time, route and independence, without the same physical exertion.  So electric bikes can be ideal for commuters.

Another group of individuals I’ve come across who love ebikes are those in their early retirement years.  They’re not yet ready to use their bus pass everyday, when’s its sunny they’d much rather cycle, but are often concerned how far they will get and whether they can cope with any hills.  Electric bikes provide a great solution for those with limited energy levels, and can be taken on caravan holidays, narrow boats and roof racks to accompany you on holiday as well.

So eBike Class is all about providing you with enough information to decide:

  • Do I want an electric bike?
  • What electric bike should I buy?
  • What else do I need to know about ebikes?

And then for those who already own electric bikes, I hope this will become a forum for discussions about ebikes, accessories, routes, etc.

Bike Reviews

Note July 2016: Something I’ve started to add to the site is reviews of electric bikes.  These aren’t road tests as I don’t have the resources or connections yet to do that.  But what I’ve tried to do is categorise similar bikes together and review their specifications so that someone who’s looking to spend, say £1000 on an electric mountain bike, can quickly review the most popular ones by reading my reviews and other reviews and road tests elsewhere and make a wise decision.  If other people would like to add reviews to the site as well I’d be more than happy for them to do so please just contact me.

Happy reading, and happy and safe assisted cycling!


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