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Hi, my name's Ste Haigh, I'm nearing my 40's (gulp) and trying to keep fit and active while also juggling a love for food & drink and work and life in general.

I used to work in marketing, and though it did put me off marketing, I actually still enjoy writing, the creative bits, and I have a fascination for making money from such, particularly online.

While I'm no expert in bikes, I'm not an avid cyclist, and I'm just a user of electricity (not an engineer for sure), I find electric bikes to be fascinating.  I look at the Tesla and while I'd love to own one, it'd just become a form of transport.  Whereas the electric bike, I believe, has the appeal and value-for-money to become one of the main forms of transportation over the coming decades.  I'm constantly frustrated by younger "cyclists" frowning at the idea of ebikes, because they think it stops people exercising.  I'm also aware that most people don't fully understand what ebikes are, how they work, where they could use one, and what types are available.  So I've set out to inform the UK public, through my ebike class, about electric bikes.

I've tried to provide some basic information such as:

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Bike

Frequently Asked Questions About Ebikes

And then some more detailed articles about batteries, what type of ebike you should choose, etc.

I also try and keep up to date with reviewing some of the more popular electric bikes on the market, so that after a brief read you can figure out if that is the electric bike for you, or whether you should be considering another model.  My Best Ebikes of 2017 Awards gives a rundown of some of the best electric bikes I've found.  I hope that as I expand on my blog and more ebike owners and buyers interact with me I'll be able to start doing road tests of some of the new ebikes.

I'd love to hear from you if you've got any thoughts, comments, or what to get in touch with me about promoting your business on ebikeclass.com.

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