The Best Women’s Electric Bikes

best womens electric bikes

Electric bikes aren’t for everyone…frankly some people don’t need one, they prefer to rely on 10% pedal power.  But for us mortals who could do with an extra boost every now and then even after a coffee in the morning, electric bikes were invented!

Ebikes are standard bicycles with an added battery and motor to help you out a bit while you pedal.  You can adjust the amount of help you receive by changing the setting on the Pedal Assistance System (PAS) which is usually just a little electronic device on the handlebars.  Most electric bikes have 3-5 settings, one of which could be ‘walk mode’ which is for when you’re pushing your bike along next to you.  At the highest setting, you can easily take on big hills and consider cycling journeys of 10+ miles without breaking too much of a sweat.

Now if you’re female and you want an electric bike, the first thing to realise is that you don’t need a women’s ebike!  Ebikes branded, labelled, marketed as ‘women’s ebikes’ typically mean they have a slightly shorter wheelbase length, smaller overall frame size, and usually a step-through frame arrangement – as you can see in the images below.

mens and womens ebikes But if the step-through style doesn’t appeal to you then there’s no reason you can’t opt for a uni-sex model, like the men’s bike above.  You may also want to consider a folding electric bike if you are short of storage space or want to carry it around in your car.  If you want to enjoy some mountain biking as well, certainly better to consider an electric mountain bike.

Some women’s electric bikes, though, go beyond just the step-through frame arrangement to deliver a few extras that might be useful to you.  Often the more traditional/vintage style bicycle is an upright seated position, so in that case, you would want an under-sprung seat which provides more comfort when cycling upright.  You may also want a pannier to attach your bags or even a front-mounted basket.

Let’s face it men and women don’t always want the same paint job either, so women’s ebikes are often painted in white, blue, red or pastel shades.

What to look out for when choosing an electric bike

So you want one, what you need to consider next is what specifications are important to you.  Once you start looking at electric bikes you realise that it’s more than just picking the one you think looks the nicest.  There are certain technical details you have to digest, so let me de-mystify them for you:

Battery and Motor

There will be plenty of technical details about the battery and motor, telling you about Volts, Watts, etc etc.  If you’re interested in all that…enjoy!  But if you’re like the majority of us you can ignore those because actually, they’re not that important.  What you need to know is…

Miles per Charge

Depending on your battery and motor, the weight of the bike and assumptions on usage levels, average person weight etc the manufacturer will produce a ‘Miles per Charge’ number to let you know how many miles you should be able to travel on a standard PAS setting from a full charge of the battery.  That figure can vary from 10 miles up to 100 miles.  Standard is 30-50 miles per charge.

Have a think about it, how many miles are you actually going to travel on your electric bike before you’re able to recharge it again.  Bear in mind that it will take 5-9 hours (depending on the battery), so overnight, to charge it fully again.  Most people should be able to charge the battery anew every day, so the question is how many miles will you travel in one day.  I suspect 30 miles would be an unusual day.  But if you do expect to travel 40+ miles on some days then you definitely need to pick an ebike with a longer ‘miles per charge’ distance or buy a second battery to swap out when required.

Tyres & Suspension

At first glance, it might not seem like a big deal what tyres your ebike has, because aren’t they all pretty similar?  And the suspension, isn’t that just for mountain bikes?

Now’s the time to think about the type of surfaces you will be cycling on.  If you will stick to tarmac roads all of the time then yes any tyre will do.  However, if you are thinking about cycling through the woods, the park, along gravelly cycle paths, etc, then you may need to ensure that you have hybrid tyres on your ebike.  Hybrid tyres are somewhere between mountain bike tyres and road tyres, they’ve got a bit more grip and are deeper so there’s a bit more ‘give’ in the ride.  Bikes with front wheel suspension add further ‘give’ allowing you to take on rougher surfaces more comfortably.

Don’t forget about speed bumps too.  If your regular route has speed bumps you will be grateful for some suspension.  Imagine your car without suspension taking on speed bumps.  Ouch!

Included Accessories

The accessories that come with an ebike can make a difference to the price.  If you want to buy the accessories yourself you will have more choice but you may have to do a bit of research just to make sure they will fit, although most now have universal fittings.  It may be worth paying a bit extra for an electric bike which already includes extras such as lights (may run off the main bike battery rather than having separate ones), pannier, and front basket.





Another couple of great accessories are mudguards and chainguards.  Particularly on vintage style bikes, these come as standard.  Mudguards cover the tyre so you get less spray from the wheels in wet and muddy weather – you’ve seen a cyclist with a big wet patch up their back I’m sure!  And, the chainguard is to prevent your clothing, whether skirt or trousers catching in the chain and pedal mechanism.  More for skirts really because you can, of course, wear ankle clips if you’re wearing trousers.  But I imagine you might be opting for leggings or shorts anyway when cycling.

A bit about Gears and Brakes

If you’ve not bought a bike recently (a lot of us stopped cycling when we learnt to drive!), then its also worth knowing a bit about gears and brakes, because you could be paying extra for something you don’t really need, or being missing a trick on something that would make your cycling more enjoyable.

Brakes are brakes right?  Well no, there are two main types of brakes on electric bikes.

V-brakes – the old fashioned sort with two rubber blocks either side of the rim.

Mechanical Disc brakes – which are circular discs around the hub of the wheel.

Of the two, mechanical disc brakes are more effective and stronger.  Both do the job effectively but think about it, when you’re travelling downhill and the electric bike with its motor and you have picked up some speed, you want the brakes to slow your progress quickly when required.  So if you will travel on a lot of hills or will max out your 15mph motor then you may want to find an ebike with mechanical disc brakes.  They’ll be slightly more expensive and a more modern style bike, the vintage bikes tend to have v-brakes.

With gears, again it depends whether you will use them.  It’s all about hills again.  Like in a car when you want to climb a hill you change gear, and again when going downhill.  So gears on a bike allow you to better take on hills.  But unlike a standard bicycle you also have the electric motor, so gears aren’t so important.  However, if you plan to do quite a bit of hill cycling then yes it would be better to have a bike with gears.  Gears range from 3 gears up to 21+.  You only really need more if you’re really into mountain biking, and that said, mountain bikes tend to have fewer gears now anyway.


Another factor to consider is the weight of your electric bike.  If you just wheel it out of the shed cycle off, back and into the shed again then don’t worry about the weight.  But if you need to carry it upstairs, onto the train, on to a bike rack on your car, or for any other short period of time you will probably want a lighter bike.  Realistically you shouldn’t expect one lighter than 15kg, but anything above around 23kg is starting to get on the heavy side and will be a bit cumbersome for most people.  If you have trouble with your back then you definitely might consider a lighter bike, and the folding bikes tend to be the lightest available.

Don’t forget that about 2-3kg of the weight of your ebike is the battery, so if you buy an electric bike where the battery is removable (must are so you can charge them) then you can always remove the battery while you lift it.

The Best Electric Bikes for Women

So now you know what to look for here’s a rundown of some of the best lady’s electric bikes in the UK market for you to pick from.  I’ve added details about miles per charge, what accessories are included or optional, and whether they have the suspension, gears and mechanical brakes.  There’s also their list price and a link to where you can buy one.

viking downtown womens ebike

Viking Downtown

Price  Out of stock

Miles per Charge  20 miles

Specification  V-brakes, 3 level PAS, no gears, no suspension, hybrid tyres

Weight  20kg

Colours Available  Black, Cream

Accessories Included  Pannier, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand

The Viking Downtown is a good looking hybrid bike disguised as a vintage ladies bike.  The battery is cleverly hidden under the pannier so people might not even realise you’re on an electric bike when you whizz past them uphill.  The motor is in the front hub which is unusual but with the battery at the rear actually balances out the weight of the bike.

Nice touches like the Italian style paintwork, brown leather handlebar covers and seat, and the chrome bell add to the vintage look.  At 20kg the Downtown is about average in the market and shouldn’t be too heavy for most riders.

The downside to the Downtown is the low miles per charge, producing approximately 20 miles per full charge.  This will limit some riders, and is lower than most other electric bikes on the market.  If you just do the occasional ride to the shops and back it should be fine for you, but a daily commute to work, or longer leisure rides and you could end up frustrated.

Buy now on Amazon.


Volt Burlington ladies electric bike

Volt Burlington


Miles per Charge  60 miles

Specification  Mechanical Disc brakes, 5 level PAS, Shimano 8 speed gears, front suspension

Weight  25kg

Colours Available  Dark Grey

Accessories Included  Pannier, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand, Lights, LCD Display

Volt is one of the UK’s top manufacturers of electric bikes, with a wide range of quality ebikes designed for the UK market.  Their products are always good quality and are backed by a full 2-year Warranty.  More utilitarian in looks than many other women’s electric bikes the Volt Burlington boasts a good set of specifications and some welcome accessories.

The 60 miles per charge range is more than enough for most cyclists and with the battery docked behind the seat, it doesn’t eat into space on your pannier or on the crossbar.  Some other extras like the front suspension and 8-speed gears are unusual on women’s bikes and give it more flexibility to be taken off-road onto tracks and through the woods.

The included LCD display shows speed, distance, battery power and trip mileage.  And, the added lights are a nice extra too.

If you intend to use your electric bike regularly on and off road then this could well be ebike for you.

Can be found on Amazon.


e-ranger cruiser floral womens ebike with basket

e-Ranger Cruiser


Miles per Charge  30-50 miles

Specification  Mechanical Disc brakes, PAS with throttle only mode, Shimano 7 speed gears, front suspension

Weight  22kg

Colours Available  White with floral, silver, white

Accessories Included  Pannier with Bags, Front Wicker Basket, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand, Lights, LCD Display, Lock

If you’re all about the accessories then look no further than the e-Ranger cruise, it has them all!

electric bike eranger cruise basket eranger cruiser ebike lcd display

A front wicker basket, rear pannier with detachable bags included, a large LCD display, anti-theft lock, front suspension, compass, mudguards and chainguard.

Another nice feature of the e-Ranger is the throttle-only mode on the PAS which means you don’t need to pedal if you don’t want to.  That’s why the battery mileage range is 30-50 miles because if you were in the throttle-only mode you would achieve only 30 miles from a full charge, while if you pedal as well you could expect closer to 50 miles from your battery.

If you’re now crazy about the floral paintwork or don’t need all of the accessories e-Ranger also do a White and a Silver version of the same ebike.

This could be a great option for someone looking for an electric bike with all the accessories included, or if you fancy a throttle-only ebike so you don’t have to do any pedalling and can still travel longer distances.

Buy on Amazon today.


Raleigh Dover ladies ebikeRaleigh Dover Impulse


Miles per Charge  25-50 miles

Specification  V-brakes, PAS, Shimano 3 speed gears, front suspension

Weight  25kg

Colours Available  Matt Black, White

Accessories Included  Pannier, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand, Lights, LCD Display

Everyone loves Raleigh, we all had one as a kid, they’re British, they’re tough, they’re good quality.  Their ebikes are no exception and the Raleigh Dover Impulse designed for women cyclists is one of their best sellers.  It has all of the expected accessories like the pannier, lights, mudguards, chainguard, and then some extras too like front suspension and 3-speed gears.

If the matt black isn’t for you then there is a white version available, but there’s something very striking although not too feminine about the matt black bike, it looks like it’d come off best in a collision with a bison.

The Dover Impulse is at the heavier end of the scale at 25kg but it shouldn’t be too heavy to pick up.  Expect 25-50 miles from each charge, the range is down to the level you set the PAS.

This is a very well built ebike that should last for years like your childhood Raleigh.

Buy it online in both colours.


lux hybrid womens electric bike

Lux Hybrid


Miles per Charge  30 miles

Specification  V-brakes, PAS, Shimano 7-speed gears, front suspension

Weight  24kg

Colours Available  White

Accessories Included  Pannier, Front Metal Basket, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand

New ebikers are more likely to have a lower budget and at just under £800 the Lux Hybrid is one of the bets value lower budget electric bikes available.  It still comes fully equipped as many of the other ebikes listed here, but has lower specification parts for budget-conscious buyers.

The inclusion of 7-speed Shimano gears and suspension ensure this ebike is an all-rounder capable on tracks and trails as it is on the road.  You should have no problem with hills or in wet weather either, aided by mudguards too to protect you from splashes.

If you’re on a budget the Lux Hybrid could be one of the best options for you.

Where can you buy it? Click here.


freego regency vintage electric bike

Freego Regency


Miles per Charge  upto 65 miles

Specification  Rear V-brake and Front Disc Brake, PAS, Shimano 7-speed gears

Weight  25kg

Colours Available  Black

Accessories Included  Pannier, Front Wicker Basket, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand, Lights

The Freego Regency does look regent, with an old shopper bike styling with added extras including leather seat and handlebar covers, vintage-style front light, wicker basket, full canvas rear wheel cover, pannier, tan-wall tyres and transparent chainguard.  You will either love the styling or you won’t!

In terms of specification and accessories, the Regency stacks up well against the competition and should achieve 40-50 miles per charge which is more than sufficient for most.

For those looking for a more traditional looking bike with electric superpowers.

Don’t delay, buy one today!


Popal Evolution womens red ebike

Popal E-volution


Miles per Charge  up to 40-55 miles

Specification  V-brakes, PAS, Shimano 8-speed gears, front suspension

Weight  25kg

Colours Available  Red

Accessories Included  Pannier, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand, Lights, suspension seat

Do you want something different? Look no further than Dutch brand Popal who make beuatifully engineered electric bikes which thankfully are available to th British public via Amazon.

The beautiful metallic red paintwork certainly makes the Popal stand out from the usual white, silver and black electric bikes, and some of the components in brushed chrome only add to its lustre.

Look at the specification sheet and you should be more than pleased with 40+ miles per charge, and 8-speed Shimano gears, combined making easy work of any hill.  The addition of a suspension seat, and add that to the front suspension, and you should be riding in comfort.

Again, available on Amazon.


flare hybrid city ladies electric bike

Flare Hybrid City


Miles per Charge  up to 30-40 miles

Specification  V-brakes, PAS, Shimano 8-speed gears, front suspension

Weight  24kg

Colours Available  Grey

Accessories Included  Pannier, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand, Lights, suspension seat

Understandably, not everyone wants a vintage style sit-up bike.  Some of us, wearing our sports gear heading to the gym, feel less conspicuous on a sporty-looking electric bike.  The Flare Hybrid City does that very well.  It’s very practical too with all the right accessories such as front suspension, pannier and mudguards.

The inclusion of the suspension seat is also a nice add-on and will make hill-climbing accompanied by the 8-speed gears, and hybrid tyres more comfortable.  While this isn’t the highest spec ebike, the price sets it in the mid-market and is good value for money.

The Flare certainly has a flair for doing city cycling well and is most likely more attractive to younger electric bike cyclists.

You can buy the Flare here.


Volt Kensington vintage electric bike blue cream

Volt Kensington


Miles per Charge  60+ miles

Specification  Mechanical Disc Brakes, 4 level PAS, Shimano 8-speed gears

Weight  26kg

Colours Available  Pastel Blue or Cream

Accessories Included  Pannier, Mudguards, Chainguard, Stand, Lights, Front Metal Basket

If cycling is more than just getting from A-to-B for you, and is more of a leisure activity, you will probably love the vintage style of the Volt Kensington with its pastel paint job, cream tyres, brown leather handlebars and seat, ad traditional style basket.  It’s definitely a head-turner, you’ll make many a lady cyclist jealous, especially when you turn on the motor and zip along at the maximum 15.5mph for 60+ miles!

Once again Volt has put top specification parts into their ebikes, and you can expect a good quality electric bike backed by a 2 Year Warranty.

Buy now in Cream or Blue.


  1. Lux Hybrid
    Please can you tell me the frame size of the Lux Hybrid? I’m 5ft 1inch tall – would this bike be a suitable size?
    Many thanks, Mrs Short (no pun intended!)

  2. Hi, what is the height ir the Volt Kensington ? I am 6ft, weight 180

  3. I live in France for 5 months a year and am looking for a ladies mountain electric bike go go on steep dirt narrow roads in the mountains and on flat roads as well. I do not want the men’s bike with the high bar and definitely need a soft saddle, disc brakes, gears etc.

  4. Which bike will be easier for me if I am 5.2” tall never ride a bike 68 years old

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