REVIEW: Aerobike X-Ride

There are not many full-size ebikes in the under £1000 price range, and when there is you have to start looking for what compromises they’ve made to be able to sell at that price.  But, in fact, the Aerobike X-Ride and Aerobike X-Ride ST haven’t compromised on too much, they’ve just opted for low grade kit across most categories, but for entry-level electric bike riders that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

A few things going for the X-Ride are the options of a step-through frame (the X-Ride ST), four colours to choose from, lightweight at 17.3kg, and yes the price.

Here’s what you need to think about though, and this will come down to personal preference, the reason the Aerobike is lighter than a lot of other ebikes is because it doesn’t have a traditional metal chain, derailleur and mech sets.  Rather, it has a belt-drive and automatic gearing.  While this has it’s advantages in terms of weight it does have its limitations in being able to use the bike without the aid of a battery.  Say you run out of battery on your way home, you’re suddenly gear-less and have a long slog ahead of you, depending on how many hills are in the way!  Add to that the low spec battery which can do up to 30 miles, while other electric bikes can do 50, and you have upped your chances of a tough ride home.

This makes the Aerobike X-Ride a good choice for an entry level ebiker who will only do up to 20 miles at a time and will always use the bike with electric assistance, but not for anyone who wants to also have a traditional bike, or is considering cycling more than about 25 miles in one run.

Aerobike are owned by BVG Group, a large online retail chain, so expect some new ebike products from them soon.  They also offer finance and a 14 day trial.

Here’s the spec sheet, with the review scoring below:

Frame size   –   20 inch

Weight (inc battery)   –   17.3kg

Brakes   –   Tektro Linear Pull

Wheel size   –   28 inch

Tyre type   –   Hybrid

Motor   –   250W

Shifter   –   SRAM Automatix System

Range   –   30 miles

Charging time   –   3 hours

Battery   –   Lithium-ion

Voltage   –   36V


Aerobike X-Ride




Build Quality









  • Light weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Step-through model
  • Finance available
  • 14 day trial


  • Limited usage
  • Low battery capacity
  • Basic components

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