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You get what you pay for.  Yes, that’s very true with electric bikes as it is with most things.  If you want a decent electric mountain bike you will have to pay more than the £850 asking price of a GreenEdge CS2.  Really I’d be better not reviewing it as a mountain e-bike because it will score low.  If I just reviewed it as a commuter bike it would do a lot better. But GreenEdge advertises their CS2 model as an “Electric Mountain Bike”.

So here’s where it fails, 6-speed Shimano gears and 25-mile range from a low-grade battery.  The combination of these two factors means you would be brave to take this bike up a mountain because you may have to carry it back down again.  Sometimes 6-speed gears are fine, but really a true mountain bike should have at least 18.  Also, 25miles per charge seems like it would be fine, but once you add in steep hills, heavy braking etc, you can expect less than 20 miles.  Because a road test of 25 miles is usually on the flat at an even pace with an average size rider.

What does it do well?  Achieving a retail price of £850 for a full size framed good-looking ebike is enough to turn a lot of heads.  So the GreenEdge CS2 shouldn’t be dismissed.  If you want a bike for your daily commute or the occasionally flat trail run then this could be a great entry-level electric bike for you.  At only 19kg it’s also pretty light for an electric bike.  The battery case is very obvious, they’ve not spent much money on reducing the size or obscuring its appearance, but apart from that the bike is good-looking and should last several years with moderate use.


Frame: Alloy 19″
Suspension: Zoom Front Suspension
Brakes: Disc Brakes front and rear
Gears: 6 Speed Shimano
Wheels: 26″ Alloy rims, with Kenda tyres
Battery: 36V 9AH Lithium Battery
Modes: 5 pedal assistance levels, LCD Display
Motor: 250 W Motor
Range: 25 -35 miles
Weight: 19kg


If you want a bit more use out of your electric mountain bike than just commuting then consider an All Seasons E-xplorer, a Zephyr E-lite or a West Hill Ghost.

GreenEdge CS2




Build Quality









  • Low Price
  • Front Suspension
  • Lighter Weight


  • Only 6-speed gears
  • Low Battery mileage
  • Low Spec components

One Comment:

  1. The biggest let down is the components, my battery holder has melted three times in 3 months. Apparently due to my riding style according to ebikes. Not sure why, I pedal up hill in low gear! Too much current is being passed through and the contact pins melt. It’s such a shame as the value is good.

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