REVIEW: Milano Vintage

There’s certainly a trend in the cycling market right now for vintage bikes.  The Milano Vintage makes an attempt at looking vintage by adding brown leather seat and handlebar covers.  The wheels too are skinny as they are on a vintage racing bike, but have modern white rims.  The overall look is a hybrid modern racing bike with some vintage touches.  This makes the Milano unique in the electric bike market, especially in the under £1,000 category.

Understandably the look of the Milano won’t be for everyone, but for someone looking for an electric bike which doesn’t look like a mountain bike or a folding bike then this is a nice option.  Another bike in this category is the Gtech Ebike which is a modern-looking white ebike.

In terms of specification, the Milano weighs 23kg which is upper-average at this price range, 250 W motor with the obligatory maximum speed of 15.5 km.  The battery is a Sanyo-Panasonic Li-ion 36V 8.8 Ah (check out my post on batteries if you want to know more about this), with a stated charging time of 4-6 hours and a range of about 30 miles depending on conditions.  If you’re new to electric bikes, this is all pretty average and should suffice.

The Milano has a decent Pedal Assistance System with 3 levels of assistance and the handlebar-located control also has a battery indicator which is nice.  Unlike some other ebikes the “On Switch” for the motor is also on the handlebar control panel rather than on the battery, so this makes it easy to use.

Are you getting your money’s worth with the Milano Vintage?  Well yes, you’d pay a slightly lower price for a similar spec’d bike, but you’re probably willing to pay the extra for the vintage look if that’s what you want.

Note March 2017 – this bike has just been reduced to £644.00 on Amazon which is great value!

Milano Vintage




Build Quality









  • Vintage Styling
  • Good PAS system
  • Minimalistic looks


  • Average Battery
  • Average Weight
  • Road-only tyres

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