REVIEW: Westhill Terrain

With electric mountain bikes you’re either a real mountain biker who does hit the mountain trails, and likely needs some assistance to take on some more challenging terrain, or you’re a bit of an all-round cyclist who wants a bike for the road, paths, and occasionally a hill or mountain trail…but not often enough to invest in a separate bike for this.  The West Hill Pro Terrain, despite the name, is definitely the latter.  No serious mountain biker would contemplate buying a mountain bike weighing 23kg which has lower spec components, but they would be paying over £2,500 for the spec they want.  However, for you all-rounder cyclists wanting to enter the electric bike market and with a more modest budget, the West Hill Pro Terrain shouts a compelling argument especially because of its price, which at the moment is £995.00 on Amazon including delivery.  That is very good value for an electric mountain bike.

One of the Pro Terrain’s key features which a lot of low-end models lack is a PAS system, which allows you to change the level (5 levels here) of assistance the motor gives to your pedalling.  Couple that with Shimano gears and actually you’ve got quite a versatile electric bike.  A couple of nice extras like seat post suspension and the LED lights are included which winner extra ownership points.

Yes it’s not the prettiest looking bike and the long black battery/motor column behind the seat is a bit noticeable.  But, nevertheless, it contains a 36 Volt 10ah Li-Ion battery providing up to 40-miles of assisted pedalling at the UK maximum allowed velocity of 15mph.  It has Shimano gears and Omega front suspension which makes it a mountain bike by name.  As e-bikes go, it’s at the lower end of the cost bracket which makes it good value.  In this price bracket, another electric mountain bike to consider is the All Seasons E-xplorer which has a less visible battery unit and higher specification, but if your budget is maxed out at £1000 then opt for the Westhill Terrain.

Key Features Of The Westhill Pro Terrain Bike (updated May 2017)

  • 5 levels of pedal assist – from low (for small hills or when you feel like pushing yourself) to high (for steep hills)
  • 7 class Shimano gears (TX55)
  • Front and rear LED lights included
  • Aluminium alloy frame 6061
  • Weight 23kg
  • Front fork suspension (RST Omega)
  • Seat post suspension
  • Chunky tyres for good grip on any terrain
  • 36 Volt 10Ah Li-ion Battery, locked into frame and switched on/off with key
  • Maximum speed: 25km p/h (E.U)
  • Range per charge: ≥60km
  • TUV German certification
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

This review was updated May 2017 as Westhill reduced the price of the bike from £1295 to £995 and improved the specification of the bike.

Westhill Terrain




Build Quality









  • Low Price Tag
  • Decent Battery Spec
  • It's a Mountain Bike
  • Some nice extras


  • Lower spec components
  • Large battery unit

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