REVIEW: All Seasons emoto 48v Electric Moped


I know what you’re going say!  “That’s not an electric bike!”

Well actually, it is!  Notice the pedals?  This is a very clever version of an electric bike, labelled as an electric moped or electric scooter. In terms of road use it’s classified as an electric bike, so although it looks like a moped it doesn’t need road tax, insurance, or to be registered with the DVLA.  If it’s not registered with the DVLA you can practically park it wherever you want and not get a parking fine and also no congestion charges for London.  If you want to read more about why this qualifies as an electric bike check out the DVLA website.

Let me tell you, at first I was like “Nah, that doesn’t work for me”.  But when I looked at it deeper I realised that as a commuter, this could be the ideal solution for me.  Electric bikes are great, they make you look athletic without having to be, you can cycle when you want to and at either end of your journey just lock the bike up somewhere.

Well with an electric moped you get all of that plus you get extras.  What extras?  Check out the:

  • side mirrors – great for when you’re in traffic, especially when there’s a traffic jam and you’re doing all the over taking
  • storage – there’s a large but somehow not stupid looking storage box on the back and also a glove compartment, and space under the seat as well to hide things away
  • key start – to give you added security
  • headlights and indicators – suddenly everyone else on the road knows what you intend to do, and you can travel in the darker hours.
  • more comfort – from full suspension and a much more comfortable seat that you see on most ebikes

See what I mean?  If you’re a commuter, this is looking like a pretty good proposition.  You can ride in cycle lanes, and have all the benefits of riding a bike, but also have the benefits of riding a moped.  You don’t officially have to wear a helmet either, although a  bicycle helmet would be advised.

So this is going to set you back several thousand pounds then?  No, All Seasons who make emoto have purposely built them to compete with the mainstream electric bikes so they retail at £1195.  In fact right now (August 2017) some of the colours are in their sale reduced to £995.  Bargain right!  And I haven’t even got to the best part!

So here’s a little secret I read on reviews written by users of the emoto scooters, under the seat there’s a small connector, disconnect that and suddenly you have a very different bike!  You no longer need to pedal!  You can also disconnect the pedals by the way.  What you then have is a twist-throttle electric moped which requires no pedaling whatsoever.  That, of course, means you’re not going to get as many miles out of a battery charge because your pedaling is no longer assisting the forward motion, but the emoto electric moped comes with a 48v battery, while 36v is the usual standard for electric bikes.  That extra battery capacity makes up for the extra weight, with the emoto weighing in at 40kg, and the ability to travel without pedaling.  All Seasons claim that you should get around 30 miles from one battery charge, which should cover most commutes.  You can always charge it at either end of your journey if you’re going to be there for more than 5 hours.

Let’s go back to that weight for a moment.  Most electric bikes in the £1000 category weight in around 25kg which is about 10kg heavier than a standard bike.  So at 40kg the emoto certainly isn’t a bike you’re going to be carrying up and down the stairs every day.  It’s obvious where the extra weight is, it’s got a lot more kit than a standard electric bike and because it doesn’t have a crossbar obviously all the pressure is on the chassis underfoot so that has to be made of some sturdy stuff or it would just snap in half as soon as you went over a speed bump.  Incidentally, most motor 50cc mopeds weigh around the 100kg mark, so without all the mechanics’ electric mopeds are very lightweight in comparison.  So really 40kg is expected and reasonable, so if you need something lightweight you can carry around, this ain’t it!

This takes ebikes to a whole new level for me.  Not that I’ll buy one myself because I love pedal bikes, and while I’ve got the legs for it I’ll keep cycling.  But I can certainly see for those of you that have a long commute and carry a couple of bags around with you, that this could be the ideal solution.

Here are some of the stats you need to know:

  • 30 miles per charge
  • 15.5mph top speed
  • UK Road Legal
  • 12 months warranty excluding wear and tear
  • Spare parts available


emoto 48v

emoto 48v



Build Quality









  • Plenty of storage
  • Headlights & Indicators
  • Side Mirrors
  • Twist Throttle
  • Comfort


  • Not a bike for cycling
  • 30 mile limit
  • Heavier than a bike


  1. Value


    Build Quality








    Having bought a emoto I found them very good and easy to ride.but trying to contact them
    Regarding spares I’ve drawn a blank, where do we go for spares

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