Exciting New Electric Bikes for 2019

With Summer 2019 just about to kick off, hopefully with some lovely weather after some pretty lousy weeks with plenty of rain, now’s the time to consider dusting down your bike and pumping up the tyres for some great rides through the park or along some country lanes.  But what if you want to do some longer journey’s or want to tackle some hills as you used to when you were younger?  Well, that’s where an electric bike comes in!  With modern electric bikes, you can consider a 20-mile cycle again, or conquer that hill.  Having pedal-assistance the motor and battery do most of the hard work while you enjoy the scenery and get a bit of exercise and some fresh air in your lungs.

We’re pleased to highlight below some of the most popular electric bikes for this Summer including some new launches which are head turners!


eelo 1885

The eelo 1885 is a small bike ideal for those who want to be able to fold their bike up and store it in a small space like the car boot, a caravan cupboard, or in a holiday apartment.  Weighing just 16kg its one of the lightest folding electric bikes on the market and folds down to a very convenient size of just 60cm x 38cm x 58cm.

Priced at £999.00 on Amazon its also good value and should be able to be delivered very quickly.

Unagi Scooter

If you’re after something very lightweight and compact though, why not try an adult electric scooter. Beautifully designed for commuter journeys and with ease of use in mind, the Unagi Scooter is one of the best electric scooters on the market and for short trips could be ideal for anyone to use daily, replacing the bus or even car journeys. Now available in the UK and competitively priced at £662.

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike

There are plenty of Electric Mountain Bikes available on the market, they are one of the most popular styles with men and provide a lot of flexibility, having gears as well as the motor and battery allowing for manual or motorised climbing of hills. However few are less than £1500, but the NCM Moscow is retailed at just £999.00 which makes it one of the best value electric bikes on the market.

Nilox X1 Folding Ebike

Another great value for money entry to the market this year under £500 is the Nilox X1 which delivers a folding ebike with some decent specifications at a low entry price point.

Airplaying Three Wheeler

If you want something totally different to everyone else’s electric bike and to turn a few heads, look no further than the Airplaying Three Wheeler. It may look over engineered at first, but when you realise that it folds down and is a great option for someone who is not so sure on two wheels, its a great invention.

Shi Pao Folding eBike

Well it might look like a snail when it’s folded up but the Shi Pao folding electric bike does 15 mph over a 25 mile range so is no slouch! With its modern and unique design you’ll certainly turn a few heads and get asked plenty of questions about your new ebike.

eRanger Floral Ladies Cruiser eBike

An ebike designed with the ladies in mind, having very practical additions such as transparent chain guard, leather handle covers, battery hidden underneath a pannier, and mudguards, the eRanger floral looks great and will fulfill the needs of those wanting to cruise around town or along country lanes.

Cyrusher XF800 Fat Tyre eBike

If you’ve not seen a fat tyre bike before, at first you’ll probably think “that must be hard to cycle” but actually because of the wider tyres these bikes are designed to be much easier to ride on rougher surfaces like snow, beach and paths. The extra weight is negated by the electric motor which gives you the extra power you need to traverse these difficult surfaces. If you want fun on an electric bike, this is it!

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