Facts about Electric Bikes

Facts about electric bikes

Some things you might not have known about electric bikes:

  • “Electric bike” was the highest trending search on eBay during May 2016 and will likely continue to be so across the summer (95,529 Views and 108,734 clicks as of 25th May 2016)
  • “Electric bike” had 415,230 Google searches during April 2016 and is trending an increase of 12% per month into the Summer.
  • Good quality Electric bikes retail between £500 and £3000+
  • Western Europe is currently the second-largest e-bicycle market in the World behind China, with nearly 1.2 million sales in 2014 expected to increase to just over 3.3 million by 2023. (According to Navigant Consulting “Electrical Bicycles” report 2014)
  • e-bikes are the highest selling electric vehicle worldwide with  35 million unit sales forecast for 2016.

Who usually buys electric bikes?

  • Urban commuters
  • Teenagers from affluent households
  • Leisure riders particularly 40+ age group
  • Bicycle hire companies
  • And everyday cyclists are starting to adopt them

Which sectors are electric bikes relevant to:

  • Sustainability / Green transportation
  • Travel and Tourism – city breaks, national trust, parks
  • Caravanning, Motor Homes and Canal Boats – bought as secondary transport to be used at destination
  • Garden centres – frequently visited by leisure riders 40+ age group who have money to spend
  • Leisure / Recreation
  • Technology

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