Exciting New Electric Bikes for 2019

With Summer 2019 just about to kick off, hopefully with some lovely weather after some pretty lousy weeks with plenty of rain, now’s the time to consider dusting down your bike and pumping up the tyres for some great rides through the park or along some country lanes.  But what…

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The Cyclamatic Electric Bike Range

If you have a good look around the internet for cheap electric bikes you’ll undoubtedly come across the Cyclamatic ebike range, they have good reviews on eBay and Amazon, and are also available through several large retailers as well including Walmart (that’s Asda if you live in the UK) and…

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See Britain by Electric Bike

Britain is the upcoming holiday destination for many Brits due to several factors including the power of the pound (or lack of), security concerns in previously popular holiday destinations, and economic pressures.  When once camping and caravanning were reserved for retirees and families with kids, holidaying in Britain has become a lot more broad in terms of locations to visit, types and quality of accommodation, and age groups.

Terms like glamping and staycation have emerged, and the late Spring and Summer months in the UK are great times to see the great outdoors in Great Britain!

The most popular holiday destinations in Britain during the summer months according to Travelodge are:

  1. Cornwall
  2. London
  3. Devon
  4. Lake District
  5. Blackpool

And other regular holidaying spots include:

  • Snowdonia
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Cotswolds
  • Edinburgh
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Brighton
  • Scarborough

Whether you're visiting a seaside town, a city or the countryside there's nothing better than to be out in the fresh air, taking in the sights.  One of the best ways to do this is by electric bike.  What are the advantages of electric bikes over pedal cycles and cars?

  • Electric bikes get you into the fresh air, doing exercise but assisted by your bike's motor.
  • You've got gears to get up hills, and you've got variable pedal assistance to alter the amount you want to pedal.
  • You can see everything and go everywhere those fit 20-something cyclists go without the same physical effort.

Electric bikes are relatively new, but if you ask around it's very likely some of your friends will have one.  People buy them for:

  • Commuting to work
  • Carrying on the back of their caravan or motorhome so they have freedom to travel when they arrive at their holiday destination
  • Enjoying cycling on hill roads and tracks
  • City breaks
  • Utilising some of Britain's 14,000 miles of cycle paths

Some useful resources if you're interested in seeing Britain by Electric Bike:

  1. Sustrans map of the UK cycle path network
  2. Decide what type of electric bike to buy
  3. How much will an electric bike cost you?