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It’s certainly encouraging to see some of the mainstream bicycle manufacturers entering the electric bike market, especially if they’re bringing in innovative ebikes, or with their economies of scale, they can lower their retail prices to benefit consumers.  Falcon Bikes have 80 years of history, a British Heritage and a reputation for producing lower cost mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.  So everything is set up for them to produce some great electric bikes surely?

Well, the Falcon Spark looks exactly as you’d expect an electric Falcon bike to look, it’s an MTB frame with hybrid tyres, handlebars, and a comfy looking seat.  It adds up to a bike that despite being for men looks like a child’s bike because of the proportions.  It’s packed with nice extras such as a suspension seat post, front suspension, mechanical disc brakes, prop stand and mudguards.

Falcon have attempted to build an all-rounder, something for everyone – well actually I’d say they created an electric bike which is for the more mature man.  With just 6 gears it’s limited, and the hybrid tyres are primarily for road use, maybe some flat cinder and gravel tracks, or a cycle through the woods.  The seat has most definitely been selected for comfort purposes rather than speed.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable electric bike which will get you around town and the occasional off-road ride, then the Falcon Spark could be for you.  In terms of battery, it stands up to the market with a healthy 36v 10ah lithium ion battery powering a 250w motor it can compete with bikes up to around the £1500 mark for charge length and power.  At 22kg again it’s average.  So what’s not to like?  Not much actually.  The price is pretty compelling at £799, making the GTech look a bit expensive.  If you like its aesthetics and £800 is your budget then you probably can’t go far wrong with the Falcon Spark.

Here’s the spec:

Bike type Electric
Brake type Mechanical Rim
Color Grey/Blue
Size 26
Style Spark
Frame material Aluminium
Frame size 17.5
Material type Aluminium
Number of speeds 6
Season Evergreen
Dimensions 185 x 61 x 105 cm ; 22 Kg
Suspension Front
Wheel size 26 centimetres


Falcon Spark Men's




Build Quality









  • Plenty of Extras
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Good Battery
  • Relatively Lightweight


  • Doesn't look great
  • Won't do mountain trails well

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