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If you’ve seen electric bikes advertised on the TV then it was probably Gtech.  Gtech are a British vacuum manufacturer founded in 2001 by Nick Grey.  They’ve since sold over 22 million products including vacuums, garden tools and now electric bikes.  They’ve made an impact on the UK electric bike market by advertising in mainstream media including TV and newspapers, and the launch of their eBike’s picked up quite a bit of press coverage in late 2015 as well.

When you look at the spec of the Gtech eBike the outstanding feature really is the weight of the bikes, at just 16kg they’re about 3-4kg lighter than most other electric bikes and that’s mainly due to the ‘aviation grade aluminium’ they’ve used.  However, an additional factor is that their bikes lack front suspension, gears and a manual pedal assist system (PAS).  The lack of these features does actually really limit the bike to just flat road cycling, and puts them firmly in the ‘entry level electric bike’ category.  Don’t get me wrong the bikes look great, minimalistic, especially the water bottle shaped battery, but essentially that’s what you’re paying for.

Gtech boasts about their battery taking just 3 hours to recharge from flat, which is faster than most competitors.  However, the 30-mile capacity does lag behind most others, with 40+ miles the standard now.  One thing they’ve opened my eyes to though is the cost of recharging.  A handy calculator on their website (green tab on the right) shows you the cost of recharging your battery, and to cover 1000 miles costs you just £1.50!   That’s a serious money saver if you usually commute via bus, train or car.  However, that doesn’t account for the cost of the bike.

Here’s the spec anyway so you can take a look for yourself:

Frame Type Sports City
Frame Size 20-Inch 17-Inch
Frame construction Aluminium Aluminium
Weight 16kg 16kg
Brake Type Linear Pull Brakes Linear Pull Brakes
Wheel Size 28-Inch / 70cm 28-Inch / 70cm
Tyre Type Hybrid Hybrid
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Battery Sports City
Range (Standard mode) 30 miles 30 miles
Charge Time 3 hours 3 hours
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Voltage 36V 36V
Detachable Yes Yes
Warranty Sports City
Frame 2-year 2-year
Battery / electronics 2-year 2-year


The Gtech eBike is really an entry-level electric bike and although it looks nice, it’s lacking in several bits of kit.  I suspect after a year of owning one of these you’ll be looking for an upgrade, but the residuals should be pretty good due to the amount of money Gtech are spending on advertising and the 2-year warranty!  In terms of ownership there a couple of plus points worth mentioning, Gtech offer a 14 free home trial so you can try it out, and the bike has a 2-year warranty including the battery.

The Gtech eBike is available to buy directly from Gtech at and costs £995 for either model.  You can also add in an extra battery, which is probably needed if you do more than 25 miles per day and other accessories.

Viable Alternatives

If £1000 is your budget then you’d be better looking elsewhere, see our other reviews for ebikes under £1000.  If you’re after an all-rounder leisure electric bike like the Gtech ebike there are several others available we have reviewed which got a higher score, check them out!

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Note added October 2017:
Gtech have just launched their Gtech eScent which is a mountain bike style ebike, which does plug some of the issues we identified in this original Gtech ebike.

gtech escent review

Gtech ebike




Build Quality









  • Nice minimalist looks
  • 14 day home trial
  • Light at 16kg
  • 2 year warranty


  • No suspension
  • No PAS
  • No gears
  • Only 30 mile capacity


  1. This sounds like a review of just the spec, rather than actual trial. You stated it is just for riding on the flat which as i own one I disagree with. it gives a very welcome push on all hills except perhaps very steep ones. I have also not really noticed the lack of gears at all, in fact it clearly reduces the weight. And even switched off is quite good to ride, probably due to the low weight, base gearing and what appears to be very good bearings, it freewheels very easily and for log distance, so all in all a very good experience although perhaps not the best value

    • Brendan, thanks for your review, much appreciated. Unfortunately, I’m not at the stage yet where companies are sending me their bikes to test. So I’m doing what I can in comparing specs so that new electric bike buyers can quickly see the pros and cons of each bike, and hopefully, be aided in making a decision. Along with that, comments and reviews from owners of these bikes are invaluable, so thank you for your input. Regarding gears, these only really come into play on an electric bike when you switch the pedal assistance off. If you’re 10 miles from home and your battery runs out, or you just want to use the bike without electric assistance then having a set of gears would be great, and other electric bikes in the Gtech’s price range do provide them. As your ownership of the Gtech continues please add further comments on ownership they’d be gladly received.

    • Value


      Build Quality








      I’ve had one for 6 months and it suits me fine. I have a 22 mile round trip commute to work, and I actually look forward to the journey each day. GTech ebike makes it so easy, I just serenely sail to work without any thought for hills or wind. I’m not into speed or hill climbing or similar and I have to say the journey time is no different to a regular bike, which I was using for several years before. However, the effort involved is halved, meaning I can cycle every day rather than 2 or 3 times a week (I’m nearly 60, so I don’t have the puff that I used to). Only downside is the battery life (range is not 30 miles, more like 26 or 27) but it charges up quickly enough, and the lack of an easy way to switch from eco to max mode – you have to bend down and press the button on the battery, which is slightly risky on a busy road. An easy switch would mean you could just flip between modes as you hit a hill/reach the summit.

  2. I’m another happy Gtech eBike Sport owner.

    The motor works alongside the lack of gears to give you a great start away from the traffic lights, no gears to mess with/ miss. This is a big advantage for stop – start commuting (which is why I bought the Gtech to replace my road bike).

    The Gates Carbon Dive is excellent, silent and silky smooth. If you haven’t ridden a Carbon Drivebelt you need to experience it!.

    As said above it’s light and free wheels very well (I’ve seen 22mph+ a few times), the lack of weight also makes it easy to manoeuvre in traffic.

    Wind and hills which were my biggest bugbears are much easier to tackle with the e-assist, makes cycling more fun and less of a chore!.

    I believe more people should actually ride the Gtech before commenting, I managed 53 miles out of the first charge on the battery, some said 15 miles were it was good for.

    The bike is very well made, good looking and well thought out. I certainly don’t begrudge paying £995 for mine!. The free helmet is also excellent quality and fit.

    I’ve got 120 miles on mine now on the work commute and enjoyed every minute of it.

    • Keith many thanks for your comments on owning and running a Gtech eBike, this is very valuable for people considering buying an electric bike.

  3. Richard Mortlock

    Great bike has got both my partner and I back into cycling.
    Hills no longer a challenge as plenty of power assist delivered (always brings a smile to my face)
    Only negative is position of power assist on/off button being positioned on battery, needs to be on handlebars as I constantly change between options and reaching down can be tricky
    Otherwise highly recommend

    • I agree with most of the above comments, both the Sports bike and the City bike are a joy to ride.The hills that I used to walk up(having got off my bike) are now easily tackled by the assisted power provided..I do agree that the bike could be improved with front suspension, and the access to the battery button on the Sports bike is a little tricky.However, to say that the bike is limited to just flat road cycling is absolute nonsense.I can only think that the reviewer has made that assumption based on the technical specification of the bike.He should go out and try it,he will be very surprised.

  4. AS above would recommend.
    Other half gets very confused with gears and I find unless you pay £2000+ for a bike the front suspension will not be up to much , performance/quality.
    We have just come back from a week away in Barmouth, whilst there we cycled to Dolgellau, a round trip of 20 miles, we didn’t use pedal assist once. Shows that the ebike is quite good as a normal bike.
    We are both in our 50’s and only very steep hills see us struggle

  5. I have just purchased a Gtech sports bike, something I did not expect to do at the age of 68! It’s pretty hilly round here in Torbay so I guess I am as good a proving ground as any for the motor and longevity.
    Well it goes down hills pretty fast and it allows me to manage most of the hills with relative ease and as I have bought it to improve my fitness you can appreciate I am not yet at peak power! It’s excellent and really fun to ride. I strongly recommend anyone, similar to me, to buy an electric bike. It’s like biking as a lad again. Great! 5/5 BUT:-
    – not all is perfect. I don’t like having to reach down to switch the battery up or down on power level and the led lights showing the level are simply not visible unless you get off the bike and shade it from the sun. It really should have a handlebar mounted display and switching method – 1 out of 5
    Range, Well it is pretty hilly here and I have been using turbo level however I ran out of juice after just 10 miles on one journey and had to learn to push…… I also only get around 6 to 8 miles typically for half a tank. I think the quoted 30 miles might be valid on a new battery and on a totally flat run! 2 out of 5.
    Saddle. Well it looks contoured for all the bits to fit but my backside is quite sore. 3/5 ( I have since bought some squidgy pants so this should help)
    Ride. Bit of a boneshaker. I know suspension adds weight and cost but coupled with the saddle issue – ouch! 2/5
    Gearless. I think this is quite an issue as when you run out of gogo juice it is very hard to pedal on anything much of a hill and I have had to get off and push. Again adds weight and cost but…… 2/5
    Value for money. If it was still at the entry price of around £1500 then poor value. It’s now at around £1000 and it’s a bit pricey at that BUT I think it’s worth it.
    Would I buy another electric bike? – YES without doubt
    Would I buy another Gtech bike? – well if it had gears and suspension and maybe a bit more storage and weighed similar – probably provided it cost less than £2000. ……

    • I think some of your issues would be resolved by choosing the City model. Both models – Sport and City – are unisex. The City model has the battery within easy reach and also includes a comfy seat. Perhaps people should start to realise it is not only ladies who ride step through bikes these days.

      • I totally agree. At my age and with a bad back, swinging my leg over a crossbar isn’t a smart option for me. Pain will soon follow, if I do.
        In Holland most men ride a step-thru (or Dutch bike), it’s the norm.
        They’re much easier to mount/dismount.
        This stereo-typical ‘ladies bike’ nonsense needs to come of age and grow up…

  6. William John McNamara

    I am also an owner of the Gtech eBike sports model and although I miss the full range of normal bike gears I have warmed to it. A noticeable drawback is the position of the battery control button. I like to switch between the two speed modes plus the pedelec mode but, the position of the battery makes this difficult to achieve quickly and safely on this model. I did not buy the other model of this bike because upon alighting from it my knees ended up catching/knocking against the battery. I have found the fast power assist to be excellent for hill climbing and for offering fast journeys along the flat but the other power assist offers relatively little. The jury is still out for me regarding the battery efficiency.

  7. i have not cycled for 30 yrs and was hopeless with gears anyhow.
    i was bought a Gtech for my birthday in May this year. and its been great.
    ok some of the steeper Cotswold hills have defeated it… but not all.
    i have been off road in the Forest of Dean and on various tracks round the Cotsold water park…. i think of it in terms of drivingan automatic as opposed to maunal car.
    My BIG moan is that in strong sunlight the light on the battery are all butinvisible and frankly there should be clearer marking as to which power-assist you are in. i agree with an earlier comment about the lights being on the handlebars as looking down at the battery when hurtling along a stony track is not safe.

  8. I’m very pleased with my ebike but agree it would benefit from some suspension. I also thought it would have been possible to incorporate an anti theft device (other than removing the battery) in the electronics. Has anybody else checked what speed the motor will achieve? Mine will only do 13mph which I think is disappointing. When I complained to GTECH they responded that “the motor was designed to start slowing down at 13mph this ensures a smooth transition when the motor is stopping and avoids a jolt when it reaches 15mph”. Mine must slow down at 11 mph!! Surely it must be possible to adjust this somehow

  9. Sounds like the battery button needs a new home (handle bars) and a three speed fitting will consider buying a G tech when you’ve revamped

  10. Come on Gtech, time to revamp the old design, it needs a handlebar mounted switch for battery display. Pannier rack, built-in lights, etc.

  11. Been A GTECH Sport owner for a couple of months now and I am very pleased with it. Reviewing the specs only doesn’t do justice to the actual ownership experience or the point of the bike. It’s simplicity of design is its strength to those that want it or a weakness to those that may expect more from their ebike. For me not having to mess with gears or an oily chain is a big factor. With the e assist I can ride on my commute to work in my business clothes and not arrive sweaty and in need of a shower. The bike is ideal for journeys of ten miles or less on flat or moderate hilly routes. Yes there are other bike makes with bigger batteries and gears etc. but then you are having to deal with additional weight, complexity and maintenance. As I said the Gtech’s simplicity of design is part of its strength and charm.

  12. At 70, and with a dodgy knee, I found my other bikes a bit of a struggle up hills. The Gtech Sport seemed like a good idea for pootling around town – and it was. I love the simplicity, and the fact that it works well on low-assist for most of the time, clicking onto high-assist for a long uphill section as I near home. The lack of gears etc is part of the appeal, and is reminiscent of old-style gear-free cycling in my youth. I don’t find a problem switching between high- and low-assist while on the go (it’s no worse than grabbing a water bottle). The battery range is sufficient for my needs, the bike is very well made, and good value for money at less than a grand.

    What’s not to like about it? The saddle isn’t the most comfortable I’ve used, but that was soon remedied by swapping it for a trusty Brooks. But that’s not a gripe – you don’t expect a top-end one at this price.

    In summary, my GTech has let me keep on cycling, and I love its absolute simplicity.

  13. Does anyone know the gear ratio (gear inch equivalent) on the French bike.
    For example if you were cycling with a cadence of 90 without assist what speed could you achieve

  14. Value


    Build Quality








    I purchased 2 bikes a year ago, 1 City for my wife, 1 Sport for me. We have loved them from the start! I have made several upgrades to the bikes, so far;
    Brakes and levers upgraded to Shimano Deore components
    Seatposts upgraded to Cane Creek Thudbuster

    I am currently in the process of installing Rock Shox suspension forks on my wife’s bike, mine soon to follow.

    The power assist vastly improves the riding experience! Pulling away from a stop is fast and effortless. I no longer feel the need to take risks, just for the sake of maintaining the momentum I’ve created soley through muscle power.

    Battery Life – We are both fortunate to have short (under 3 miles) rides to work, we charge our bikes every other day, 3 days is a stretch.

  15. I love my gtech ebike but i am writing about the after sales service. I had problem with my head lights which at first it seemed the answer would be to buy new lights, however the next day I had a call back from gtech with a solution. Well done team exceptional after sales service.

  16. Mrs Linda Probert

    I have a request for information, I am thinking of purchasing a Gtech but would want to use it in Spain as we spend a few months at a time there and would like to know if it would be alright in some of the extreme heat we get there, regularly in the mid 30s.

  17. Value


    Build Quality








    As a 74 year old living in a hilly area I have found the City EBike has transformed cycling.With some effort from me it tackles hills of30%,which I could never manage on my old 4 geared push bike.
    The battery lasts about 25 miles on eco mode which is more than adequate for me.
    I have raised the handlebar height to a more comfortable position and fitted a springy device under the saddle and am now cycling around 90/100 miles per week- brilliant

  18. I have had replacement after replacement and there is always something wrong. The battery fails, it’s at 68% and within 2 minutes it’s zero and you have to get yourself home. It cuts off whilst riding and it feels like a clowns bike and dangerous. My first bike was good but a simple fault meant it was on the scrap heap, they said it was unrepairable and would replace it with a reconditioned version.. equally bad, then a new one, even worse. Not great for a so called Sustainable company. Their customer service is great but long term smoke and mirrors. Stay clear.


      I have had the same prioblem, 3 times in 3 months. There is a problem with the bike electronics that Gtec don’t want to recognize. Perhaps their new maintenance contractor, Cycle Republic, will solve it

  19. I’ve had a series of problems with the battery. Requiring 20 to 30 presses to switch off and only approx 15 -20 miles range depending on battery mode. Anyone else had battery issues ?


      Yes. I have experienced total loss of battery charge 3 times in 3 months. I believe that there is a design fault in the bike electronics that causes this.

    • Value


      Build Quality








      the batteries are very poor quality the contacts collapse on the inside and you cannot charge them because you cannot get them to sit right on the charger unit awaiting new replacement batteries gone through 7 batteries in a year

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