REVIEW: Gtech eScent

Gtech’s original ebike has been one of the best selling electric bikes in the UK, despite tough competition.  The well known Gtech brand with its notion of British innovation has a faithful following, with new products well received and admired.  However, the original Gtech ebike was aimed at the middle market, it didn’t have gears, it had a lower battery life than average, and struggled off-road.  Of course, if you only have one ebike in your product line that was the one to have, it covered the part of the market that Gtech excel at, the older generation in their retirement years, those who buy garden tools and have an interest in the heritage and Britishness of the brands they buy.

But if you’re going to add a second ebike to your range you either go with a mountain bike or a folding bike.  Gtech has opted for the latter.  Now the electric mountain bike market is split between hardcore mountain bikers and leisure cyclists/commuters who want some off-road capability when required.  The Gtech eScent isn’t going to put a smile on the face of any serious mountain bike enthusiast because for starters it doesn’t have rear suspension, it’s got mudguards as standard and the frame very likely wouldn’t live up to the rigours of downhill cycling.  So the eScent is for those of you who want a Gtech ebike but would also like to take it off-road.

It’s capable for sure as an electric bike, the highlight being the 19kg weight, which is good for a mid-market electric mountain bike.  Some nice touches like the suspension saddle, minimalist frame, hydraulic disc brakes and good quality front suspension, make this a good ebike.  However, it is let down badly, like the Gtech ebike, by its motor and battery, producing only up to 30 miles per charge.  In a price bracket where other electric mountain bikes boast 40-60 miles per charge the eScent is lacking somewhat.  Don’t get me wrong, 30 miles might be enough for most people, but turn up the PAS, take on several uphill trails and suddenly that’s down to 20 miles.

What does the spec list look like?

Frame Type
Frame Size 17.5” (22” with Suspension Seat Post)
Frame construction Aluminium
Weight 19kg
Brake Type 180mm Hydraulic Disc
Wheel Size 27.5″
Tyre Type 2.35” Off-road
Warranty 2 Years
Charge Time 3 hours
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Voltage 36V
Detachable Yes
Frame 2-year
Battery / electronics 2-year

Gtech eScent Verdict

If you’re an avid Gtech fan and the original Gtech ebike doesn’t give you the off-road capability you would occasionally like, then yes, this could be the ebike for you.  See our review box below to see what we’ve scored it out of 10.

Other ebikes like the Gtech eScent?

However, at a price tag of £1,895 you can certainly get better ebikes for the money.  The All Seasons E-xplorer, for example, is about £600 cheaper, has similar quality components, and a higher-spec battery producing over 50 miles per charge.  Meanwhile, at £850 you could buy two Greenedge CS2 electric mountain bikes which don’t have the same high spec components but competes with the Gtech on battery capacity.

Gtech eScent




Build Quality









  • Light Weight
  • 14 day trial period
  • Good Looks


  • Not Competitively Priced
  • Low Battery Capacity
  • Not a real MTB

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