REVIEW: Zephyr E-legance

Dutch style bicycles are in fashion right now, the ladies love them and European men too.  They look elegant like cycling is a past-time, not just a leisure pursuit or a means of transportation.  They’re the Italian sports car of cycling.  Have you ever tried riding one though?  The cycling position is designed for a steady pace, and the larger wheels and narrow tyres limit you to well-maintained roads and paths.  The Zephyr E-legance supplies a beautiful retro bicycle with a hidden jetpack!  Look closely and the battery pack is disguised as pannier bags and the motor concealed in the rear hub.  Suddenly the lady in the flowery skirt can fly past the teenager on his BMX!

There’s no denying this is a good looking bike, and according to Zephyr they’ll soon be releasing it in the UK market with more feminine paint colours as well.  This is definitely the e-bike of choice for the style conscious.  But the specification of the motor and battery also mean its a realistic choice for daily commuting too.  With a 24v 8.8ah battery powering a 250w motor it should provide around 20-30 miles per charge.  If you want to do more miles per trip than that then you probably want to choose a more comfortable and practical bike from the Zephyr range such as the E-Trek or E-lite.

In terms of gears you probably won’t require more than 3, and that’s all you’ll get with the E-legance.  Weight?  Well, we’ve not yet received information on that but as a Cr-Mo classical frame, it will weight more than the average bike, as do all classic bikes of this style.  Add in the motor and battery and I’m estimating it will probably weight in around teh 24kg mark, which is manageable for most people to wheel it up kerbs and into the shed.  If you do need something lighter to get onto the train or upstairs into your flat then you are probably best considering a folding bike such as the Zephyr E-light.

Would I buy it myself? No!

If I was buying an electric bike, which one would my wife want?  This one!

So yes the Zephyr E-legance ticks all the style boxes, and it has a good enough electrical bike kit to make it a worthy contender in the commuter bracket.  You will either love this bike and want it right now, or you’ll find something more practical.


FRAME: Cr-Mo classical frame and fork

BRAKES: Alhonga calliper, rear roller

GEAR: Sturmey Archer – 3 speed inner gear

MOTOR:250 W front motor / Speed sensor

BATTERY:24V10.4Ah Li-ion battery in rear rack

MAX SPEED: ≤25km/h



Zephyr E-legance




Build Quality









  • Stylish
  • Hidden Battery
  • Pannier


  • Lower Mileage per Charge
  • Good Roads Only
  • Likely on Heavier Side

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