REVIEW: Zephyr E-light Folding

I’m not a fan of folding bikes, here’s why…I don’t need one!  But I’ve got several friends who have one and they literally love their folding bike.  They take them everywhere, they service them, polish them, buy them little accessories, even build them their own little storage cupboards under the stairs.  Yes weird I know, but hey we can’t all have a dog!  Of course, you can understand why someone might want a folding bike, if you’ve got an awkward commute to work in particular, or you live somewhere with no outside space for storing a full-size bike.

But folding bikes come with their difficulties.  People worry they’ll collapse while you’re riding one (we’ve all heard the horror stories, well we think we have, but we’ve not seen the youtube video yet), but if they did they’d be banned, but we still worry.  They have small wheels and short pedal stems so that means you have to pedal three times as fast to go the same distance (although they are faster than walking or sitting in traffic).  They look small, like a kids bike, so they’re probably not strong.  It takes ages to fold them up and down.  OK, so really it’s just a bunch of misconceptions.  Given the choice, we’d rather have a full-size bike, but if we have to have a folding bike then well we want a Zephyr E-light!

Look at that bike!  Does it remind you of a Chopper?  It does me.  It’s cool right in a kind of bearable hipster kind of way.  And, even better, it’s got a motor and a battery, so forget about the small wheels and shorter pedal stems, it can do 15mph without much effort.

It’s also one of the lightest folding electric bikes in the UK market weighing in at just 15kg.  So lifting it into the train, up the stairs and into an elevator shouldn’t break your back.  It comes with the industry standard 250w motor powered by a 24w10ah battery, but because of the lighter weight than most electric bikes should get you 30+ miles per charge.  Where’s the battery and the motor by the way?  Very well hidden, the motor in body coloured paint just behind the seat post, and the battery in a bag just behind the seat.  It has 7-speed Shimano gears which are all you’d need really with a folding bike.

So yes, if I was going foldable, I’d probably go Zephyr E-light.  I’m yet to have seen a better looking folding electric bike which has a decent specification and light weight.  Often light weight means compromised components or a high price, but in this case, you have the perfect folding package.

Think the Zephyr E-light is just a bit too expensive for you, then tr the All Seasons E-compact which is one of our best in class and comes at a slightly lower price tag.

Zephyr E-light Folding




Build Quality









  • Light Weight
  • Stylish
  • Foldable
  • 7-Speed


  • None Really

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