REVIEW: Zephyr E-lite

I have to admit I love this bike.  When electric bikes first hit the market they were ugly, heavy, clunky.  They were for middle-aged commuters really (like me!) who wanted to be green and cool.  More recently, of course, we’ve seen some stunning electric bikes released that you really wouldn’t know are electric bikes unless you had a long hard look at them.  That’s what’s great about the Zephyr E-lite, it looks like a quality mountain bike.  Oh and yeah is that a water bottle?  No it’s the battery!  OK so it’s going to be really heavy then?  No, 19kg.  So OK it’s not really light, but for an ebike it sure is.

Now there’s the matter of miles per charge.  Some of the lighter ebikes achieve this by reducing the battery size, but Zephyr have done their very best to keep everything high spec on this electric mountain bike, so the 36V 10.4Ah Li-on battery should achieve over 50 miles per charge, which should get you up and down most mountains in the UK!  The inclusion of front and rear suspension makes this a true mountain bike and should make most trails flat or hilly pretty easy going.  The complaint most people have about mountain bikes with rear suspension is that once you’re on a flat road you can’t pick up much speed because the suspension momentum hampers your progress, but actually an electric bike counteracts that because the motor helps you get up to 15.5mph, and you probably don’t want to travel much faster than that anyway.

Unusual for a mountain bikes is that there are only 9 gears, you usually find 21 gears on most retail mountain bikes.  But actually, most trail riders elect a 9-speed derailleur because they rarely more than 6 or 7 gears and need to switch up and down quickly, so jumping 2 or 3 gears at a time is a nuisance.  The SRAM X-5 incorporated on the Zephyr E-lite is incidentally the top choice of the top MTB riders.

Here’s how the rest of the spec weighs in:

FRAME: Alloy 6061 Ultra light, advanced hydroforming

FORK:Suntour XCR

BRAKES:Alhonga Hydro Disk Brake

TYRES: Kenda Honey Badger XC Pro 27.5×2.40

GEAR: SRAM X5 – 9 speed

MOTOR:Rear AKM 250 W hub motor / Speed sensor

BATTERY: 36V10.4Ah Li-on battery in downtube

MAX SPEED: ≤25km/h



WEIGHT: 19kg

How much will this set you back then?  At £2,450 this electric mountain bike is for enthusiasts who want a bike which will stand out and has great specifications.  Watch out Giant, Brose and Trek – Zephyr is on the mountain and could steal some electric hearts!

Zephyr is supplied to the UK market exclusively through online electric bike retailer Love Electric.


Zephyr E-lite




Build Quality









  • Lighter Weight
  • Full Suspension
  • Stunning Looks
  • High Spec


  • Hitherto Unknown Brand

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  1. Great review but when I went to view the website considering buying one its listed at £2,450.00 not £1,695

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