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Bike Sharing Schemes Increasing Across Britain

November 2017

In the past few years bike sharing schemes have become more popular across Britain as town and city councils don their “green” hats and look to invest in the future of public transportation.  With 25 cities and towns now with dedicated bicycle sharing schemes, more than 25,000 shared bikes are now available in places such as London, Bath, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, and Brighton.

Electric bikes are the next phase in such schemes, allowing longer journey’s and more attractive for year-round cycling.  Of course more developed infrastructure is required for charging, security and servicing – but the inclusion of ebikes in the shared bike schemes means they will be more attractive to daily commuters rather than just tourists.

pragma alpha hydrogen ebike

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ebike

November 2017

Pragma Industries, French fuel cell company, has launched one of the first production Hydrogen Fuel Cell ebikes, and claim that it takes 2 minutes to fill the tank and each charge will produce 60+ miles.

The Alpha has a  36V Brose 50W motor which is fueled by a “bridging” lithium-ion battery with 150 Wh of capacity, which is charged by the onboard 150 W PEM Hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell is fueled by a 2 litre compressed hydrogen gas cylinder, which can be refilled in about 2 minutes at a filling station.  In terms of cost per charge, this is likely to be more than a standard electric bike, however, the convenience of faster recharging may make it suitable for some riders, particularly commercial fleet operators using ebikes on shifts for several riders.

Learn more about Pragma Industries here.


Exeter Baker’s use Electric Cargo Bike for Delivery

October 2017

We applaud any company making good use of electric bikes to revolutionise their business, and Emma’s Bakery in Exeter Quay has done just that by starting to use a cargo ebike to deliver their bread to local businesses.

The cargo bike is run by Escargo, and their delivery rider Elric Prynn cycles the delivery bike (he calls her Matilda) from the Quay up the cycle paths to the city centre, avoiding road traffic delays on the Exeter Bridges.  The cargo bike is used to deliver hundreds of loaves of bread each day.  Escargo was set up in September 2017 by ex-management consultant Jenny Ryding, and the delivery bike was specially made for Jenny by Iceni Cycles in Somerset.

We wish all three businesses all the best, looking forward to seeing more electric cargo bikes on the road replacing other delivery methods.


Electric Scooter to Charge in 5 Minutes

October 2017

This is the bold claim of Oxford-based Zap&Go, a battery technology startup developing Nano-Carbon-ion batteries for electric vehicles.  In a partnership with Chinese battery manufacturer Li-Fun technology, one of the major Lithium-ion battery producers for the electric bike industry, they will launch an electric scooter which will charge in just 5 minutes.  This exciting new technology could help to further develop the electric bike industry, reducing weight and extending battery range.

No photos yet, but let’s wait and see what’s on offer early next year when the scooter is launched.  Learn more about Zap&Go on their website.


Fastest ebike on the Road?

October 2017

Gulas boast that their Pi1S is the world’s fastest e-bike achieving a maximum speed of 71mph (115km/h) while pedal assisted.  You won’t see one of these in the UK without a licence plate because any electric bike having motor assistance above 15.5mph has to be registered as a road vehicle.  This 38bhp electric bike weighs in at 128kg, with two separate battery options; a 6.5 kWh battery giving around 75 miles per charge, and a 10 kWh boasting 120 miles per charge range.  Pricing starts at £17,500.  Visit www.gulas.bike for more information or to book a test ride.


BMW Launch New Active Hybrid E-bike

October 2017

BMW has launched to the UK market their Active Hybrid E-bike priced at £2,500.  The e-bike available through their own website boasts up to 60 miles per charge from the 504 Wh Lithium-ion battery powering a Brose 250 W motor.  The integrated battery and crank motor system add to the masculine looks of this hybrid ebike.  Read our full review of the BMW Active Hybrid E-bike.


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