Electric Bikes with a Free Trial Period

Ebike free trial

If you’re new to electric bikes and you’ve not quite figured out if they’re for you or not, then wouldn’t it be great if you could borrow one for a couple of weeks to test it out?

Well, someone already had that great idea!

I don’t know who had the idea first, I’ll let them fight over that, but there’s a few electric bike companies who will deliver an electric bike to your house free of charge, let you ride around on it for a couple of weeks, and then if you want to (and you probably won’t want to) you can send it back at the end.

Where do you sign up?

Gtech offer a 14 day home trial on their eBike which scored 6.8/10 on our review.

These are the only two we’ve come across so far providing this service, but if you find one please add as a comment below.  It would also be good to hear your comments below on how your 14 day trial went!

Aerobike offer a 14 day home trial on their X-Ride and X-Ride ST models which scored 6.8/10 in our reviews.

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